We searched for Transylvanian Hungarian organizations among the recently published list of contracts of Hungarian party foundations.

The party foundation of Jobbik has spent 18 million forints (a total of 60.000 euros) on organizing Transylvanian Hungarian events and on providing financial assistance for Transylvanian Hungarian organizations since 2011 – we learned from the list of contracts that the Hungarian investigative journalism nonprofit Átlátszó has requested for the period 2010-2014.

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Jobbikos pénzből szervezik a Székely Szigetet és az EMI-tábort

What is a party foundation? In Hungary, these are the foundations that support the„scientific, informative, research, and educational activities” of the parties. These foundations collect the budgetary support that those parties which managed to reach the 1% during parliamentary elections benefit from.

There are 9 such parties in Hungary – in 2015, the amount of public funds granted to them reached 1.2 billion forints.

Tens of thousands of euros for the Transylvanian Hungarian Youth Camp and for the Szekler Island

From the list of contracts of the Jobbik party foundation, called Foundation for a Growing Hungary we learn that the Transylvanian Hungarian Youth Camp, organized by the Transylvanian Hungarian Youth, and their competitor, the more radical and low budget version, the Szekler Island organized by the 64 County Youth Movement, benefited of considerable amounts in the past three years.

The Transylvanian Hungarian Youth Camp in 2013 and 2014 received three million forints ( a total of almost 10.000 euros) of funds for the organization of their main summer youth event. Besides this support, in 2012 they received a 3.2 million forints (another 10.000 euros) support for launching an online news outlet. The name of the outlet is not mentioned in the document, we assume that it refers to the site called itthon.ma .

Since 2012 the 64 County Foundation received support each year for organizing the “Szekler Island event”. It is interesting that the amount of support is decreasing by year: while in 2012 it was 2.8 million forints, last year it reached 1.6 million forints. In three years, the 64 County Youth Movement received 15.000 euros for organizing its Szekler Island event.

Zoltán Sipos, translation: Etelka Tamás-Blaha

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